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Истоки и смысл русского национализма

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RU.Национализм: запасной аэродром
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The activity of this community is devoted to analysis of the national idea in its various reincarnations.

Its origins, development, and dissemination are the object of discussion here. History of nationalistic thought is studied on examples of prominent leaders and philosophers of nationalism, their works and activities.

On predominantly Russian grounds we try to understand reasons of nationalism appeal, including causes bringing it to light and outlooks of its development.

The members of the community are professional humanitarians, pocessing a high degree of expertise on the problem.

It should be explicitly underlined that goals of this community have nothing in common with propaganda of fascist or any other views, showing disregard and contempt for human rights.


армия, город, история, криминал, недвижимость, образование, общество, политика, происшествия, работа, религия, финансы, знаменитости, игры, искусство, кино, литература, музыка, спорт, фантастика, еда, животные, природа, путешествия, медицина, здоровье, авто, дача, дизайн, мода, философия, дети, семья, авиация, космос, наука, производство, технологии, энергетика, россия, 18+, отношения, психология, лытдыбр, экономика, транспорт, напитки, архитектура, праздники, театр, птицы, цветы, ссср, беларусь

Social capital

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